10 Grandma’s Tips for Removing Dog Smell from the Home

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If you like to share your daily life with a dog, perhaps you don’t like the smell of it in your home. It can sometimes be very present, especially when your pet is wet. The problem is that you end up getting used to it and you don’t even realize that the smell has become permanent! If you are concerned, we have found for you 10 effective grandma’s tricks to remove the dog smell in a house!

Understand these smells

First of all, you should know that it is not only your pet, but all dogs that smell more or less strongly. It is therefore normal for your pet to have a certain smell.
The amount of odour they give off depends on their breed. However, if you notice a worsening or a change in your dog’s smell, even though you are taking the right hygiene measures, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian.
It is also important to know that an animal’s physiognomy influences its odor. This means that the more fat your dog is, the more pronounced its smell will be. Your tolerance level is also a factor.

Wash your dog regularly

While cats are used to grooming themselves, dogs need regular care. Start with a brushing to remove accumulated dirt, but also to allow his coat to breathe properly. This will result in better heat regulation. Depending on the type of hair, it should be brushed between two and five times a week. Remember to clean the brushes afterwards.
This habit is a good reflex that will also allow you to detect possible problems more quickly, such as wounds, parasites or unusual protuberances on your pet’s skin.

It is also recommended that you bathe your dog every one to three months, but not too often. Washing your dog too often could damage his natural defenses and irritate his coat.

To neutralize bad odors, you can mix a few drops of organic cider vinegar with his shampoo.

Finally, it is well known that a wet dog smells stronger. After his bath, remember to dry your pet thoroughly!

Purify and deodorize the air

Here’s a second simple tip, but one that has been proven to be effective: absorb bad odors. There are several types of products that can help you do this, from aerosol cans that can be bought in department stores, to odor absorbers like baking soda. If you buy products in stores, make sure they are as natural as possible, so as not to disturb your pet’s respiratory tract. Some sprays have quite strong scents.

Clean his interior regularly

If it is important to wash your dog at regular intervals, it is the same with your home and its utensils. His bowl, but also his blankets must be washed frequently to stay as clean as possible.

If your dog has access to the couch and bed, you should also make sure to clean them, change the sheets and disinfect them every time you clean.

To remove bad odors, you can also mix a little cider vinegar in your washing water. For your pet’s health, it is recommended to avoid bleach or ammonia based products.

Air out your living space

To avoid bad smells, nothing is easier than to air your home as often as possible. At least three times a day. If this is not a reflex for you, you can take advantage of your dog’s walk to leave the windows open.

Use natural dog scents

It is also possible to perfume your dog so that it does not give off bad odors. This is a process that has become popular in recent years, but it requires keeping a certain number of strict rules: you should never use perfumes for humans on your dog, as they can irritate his mucous membranes and dermis. Also, buy your product in a specialized center and make sure it is as natural as possible. For dogs with long hair, these products will be even more effective.

Use white vinegar

This tip is both economical, ecological and effective. If you don’t have white vinegar, you can easily replace it with cider vinegar!

Mix 1 part white vinegar to 9 parts warm water and clean furniture, floors, sofas and dog accessories with this home-made product.

Be careful not to use too much vinegar, as dogs do not like the smell.

Burn candles and incense

There are now naturally scented candles that will diffuse pleasant smells in your home while erasing your dog’s! You can also use incense or essential oils in diffusion, these are natural tricks that work well.

In the case of essential oils, check that the perfume you choose is well adapted for atmospheric diffusion and in case of doubt, don’t hesitate to ask a professional for advice!

Eliminate odors with baking soda

Well known for its absorbent and anti-odour properties, baking soda is also a great ally when it comes to cleaning your home, but also your dog! Put a little powder on the bed and blankets of your dog and let it act during one night. During this time, do not allow your dog to ingest any of the powder, otherwise he will suffer gastrointestinal problems. The next day, you can then vacuum up the bicarbonate, and the bad odors with it!

Take care of dog’s teeth

Bad breath and unpleasant odors of our dog friends often come from their teeth. You can therefore clean his teeth to avoid the spread of bad bacteria!

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