8 signs that your dog is happy!

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A dog is a very popular pet in the world. Man’s best friend is close to his master and makes him happy. But how do you know if your dog is happy? Sometimes, activities and a good diet are not enough. Canines need love too! Discover the 8 signs that show your dog is happy

1 – Your dog is wagging his tail

If your dog is wagging his tail, chances are he’s happy. But beware, tail wagging can mean many things. If your canine is wagging his tail because he’s happy, experts say the tail swings from left to right at an angle of about 120 degrees. But don’t worry, even if you’re not a mathematical expert, you’ll be able to tell if your dog is happy! Does your dog have a very short tail or no tail at all? He’ll show you how happy he is by wagging his tail. If, in addition to wagging his tail, your dog turns around you, then there is no doubt: he is happy!

2 – Your dog has dilated pupils

If you notice that your dog’s pupils are dilated, don’t worry! Your dog is not abusing illegal substances, he’s just happy. Dogs are always happy in their eyes. They are full of life and always look at you with great affection.

3 – Your dog is excited

A happy dog is a very expansive dog. If you notice that your dog is jumping, running, playing, circling or barking (very briefly), don’t slow him down. He is trying to communicate with you about his happiness.

4 – Your dog communicates with you

A happy dog is a confident dog. He will appreciate communicating with you. How do you do this? By bringing you his favorite toy to play with or by getting your attention. It is also possible that your dog will give you the paw without you asking. Take the time to play with it or cuddle it. But remember to stay in control! It’s up to you to decide when it all stops.

5 – Your dog obeys you

A happy dog is an obedient dog. Be careful, we are not talking about a dog that obeys under duress but a dog that obeys out of love. He tries to please you. He respects you because in exchange you take care of him.

6 – Your dog is cuddly

A dog is not naturally very cuddly. However, when his owners get him used to being cuddled, he appreciates and returns this affection. A happy dog will seek you out for a cuddle. He will seek your presence but also and especially a contact.

Generally speaking, if your dog is happy, he will seek your presence without sticking to you permanently. He may sit or lie down in the room where you are.

7 – Your dog is good when he’s home alone

A happy dog has no problem being alone. Whether you’re gone for ten minutes or a few hours, he won’t get into trouble. He’s confident because he knows you’ll come home. A dog filled with happiness is also a dog that behaves well when you receive at home.

8 – Your dog eats well

A happy dog is a dog that eats well. So, if your dog has a good appetite, he is doing very well. Furthermore, a happy dog enjoys walks, games and family outings.

How do you make your dog happy?

To make your dog happy, you need to give him attention. Even though he should be considered an animal and not a human, he is a member of the family and has a place in your home. You must :

Feed him and therefore meet his nutritional needs by choosing adapted formulas,

Walk him every day so that he can relieve himself but also exercise,

Cuddle him,

Play with him to create bonds.

It is also important that your dog has everything he needs at home. Think about setting up a resting area with a basket or a cushion. His resting place should be in the living space but not in the passageway. In addition, you must provide toys and a dining area with a bowl for food and one for water. A happy dog is also a healthy dog. Have your dog monitored by a veterinarian, make sure his vaccinations are up to date and that he is dewormed every three months.

If you notice that your dog’s behavior changes and that he is not in good spirits, then contact the veterinarian to make sure that there is no problem.

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