Alternative medicine for my dog, what is it?

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More and more dogs are benefiting from alternative medicine, with owners preferring to choose alternatives to allopathic veterinary medicine, not as a replacement but at least as a supplement. Today, the profession is divided, with some veterinarians advocating alternative medicine while others are still rather hostile to it. A debate that is reminiscent of the one that still animates specialists in human medicine. Regardless, it is important to take stock of all the solutions in the field of alternative medicine that the dog can benefit from today.


By applying very fine needles to very specific meridians – real energy centers – the veterinarian specializing in acupuncture can relieve gastrointestinal (nausea, diarrhea, etc.), musculoskeletal, respiratory, behavior, pain in dogs. , itching, stress or even a depressive state. However, acupuncture does not cure serious illness and should not be used as a substitute for allopathic treatment.


This medicine consists of the subcutaneous injection of medicinal products in order to improve the comfort and well-being of the dog who suffers, for example, from osteoarthritis, muscle, tendon and / or ligament pain. The side effects of drugs are reduced because their injection is localized.

Herbal medicine

Plants are at the heart of phytotherapy, which is based on the use of their active ingredients. The dog can benefit from it as a preventive measure to be better protected against various infections. This alternative medicine also gives good results in the fight against the pain associated with osteoarthritis in aging dogs. Herbal medicine helps improve daily comfort if only by facilitating mobility. It can also be used to protect your dog against parasites and many other daily worries.

The action time is longer than that of traditional drug therapy. Although herbal medicine is known to be effective, it is not the right solution for treating a dog in an emergency. On the other hand, it is very appreciable for certain long-term treatments, and can very well be used as a complement to classical veterinary medicine. Chemical treatment can be combined with herbal medicine, but only the specialist can decide.


Masters have long used canine physiotherapy to relieve their dogs. It is useful for example after immobilization, certain surgical procedures or even to relieve pain. The dog can thus regain greater mobility.
As for physiotherapy, it is a functional rehabilitation that can relieve pain points or achieve rapid recovery in animals with joint, neuromuscular or locomotor problems.

These alternative medicines are based on the use of hydrotherapy, laser, ultrasound, electrostimulation and other therapeutic tools but also, for the manual management part, massages and mobilization.


A homeopathic remedy does not treat a serious illness in dogs, any more than in humans. However, it is an alternative medicine widely used in dogs today for small common concerns and in addition to traditional veterinary medicine.
When intended for animals, it comes more frequently as a syrup because it is easier to give a dog this type of treatment than it is to suck on small granules. Homeopathy in dogs can, for example, relieve stress, joint pain or others, boost the immune system when it is weakened. Do not hesitate to seek advice from the veterinarian on the various homeopathic treatments possible depending on the state of health of your dog.


This is another alternative medicine that more and more owners are turning to to relieve their dog’s pain at different levels (bone, muscle, visceral) as well as tension. Through handling and massages, the canine osteopath brings real well-being to the animal over the course of the sessions. Osteopathy is an ideal complement to classical medicine.

When to use alternative medicine for your dog?

These are alternatives to allopathic medicine and the use of alternative medicine should always be considered with the veterinarian. There is no question of opting for self-medication, for example, because in the event of an error, the animal can suffer serious consequences. It is therefore necessary to show great discernment. But whatever the discipline chosen, it is essential to turn to a qualified professional.

This type of solution is conceivable for example in dogs which cannot stand a traditional treatment either because of the undesirable effects, or because the animal presents very specific contraindications such as allergy to one of the components or others. . It is above all the well-being of the dog that counts, the goal being to relieve him and to do everything so that he heals but without making him take any risks.

Some dog health insurance companies may reimburse part of the cost of alternative medicine such as homeopathy. For others, it is less common, but possible. It is therefore recommended to use a comparator of mutual health insurance for pets in order to quickly receive several offers of prevention contracts and packages. This allows the person concerned to choose the best solution for a good management of natural medicines and therefore, to take care of the health of his dog at a lower cost.

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